"Canadian Leaders in Pneumatic
Tube Systems"

The healthcare industry is renowned for utilizing the most efficient, cutting edge technology. Hospital equipment is always being improved and upgraded, and Pneumatic Tube Systems are no exception.

For decades, the Pneumatic Tube System has become an integral part of hospitals large and small. They are ideal for sending documents, specimens, medication, samples and blood across distances that would usually take personnel several minutes to upwards of half an hour to transport. Due to high volume of foot traffic and the sheer urgency of many transactions, an alternative to hand delivering such precious contents is needed.

A well-equipped Tube System can make a significant contribution to the standard of care. Besides eliminating the need for additional porters, the Pneumatic Tube System ensures a safe, secure method to transporting cargo as efficiently as possible.

Our Sumetzberger systems employ the latest technology to ensure that all users have a hassle-free experiencing when sending or receiving a carrier. Click here to learn more about our Sumetzberger system