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Tube Systems"

Factories and warehouses can greatly benefit from a Pneumatic Tube System. Such facilities are usually large enough that it is a long distance for an employee to walk just to deliver a product, sample or paperwork. Personal safety, security and the elements are all common delays that prevent a timely delivery.

Many industrial buildings have hazardous areas that require additional personal protective equipment for anyone travelling through them. This can add extra time to a delivery. A secretary or office worker is usually subject to put on shoe covers, safety glasses, hard hat, and ear protection. Even with protective measures they are still exposed to danger. Just walking from one end of a warehouse to the other and back to deliver paperwork can easily take 15-30 minutes. After a couple of trips per shift, the employee could have spent an hour of company time being productive rather then delivering paperwork.

Some sensitive areas require a check through a security desk, or other security procedures. If security happens to be busy, even more time is wasted waiting just to sign in or out of an area.

Employees might be tempted to take their time while walking between buildings one a nice day. It is easy to get distracted while delivering something. On the other hand the elements can make going outside more of an inconvenience than a reason to procrastinate.

In an industry where 'time is money', an SMB Pneumatic Tube system is the sensible solution.

Aside from a logistic standpoint, there are other applications for a Pneumatic Tube System such as transportation of high risk product samples, such as hot metal. Factories that must test the quality of their product usually send a sample to a lab for testing. Because some product samples depreciate quickly a Pneumatic Tube System is the fastest and safest method of transport. SMB provides specially designed carriers specifically to transport material at extreme temperatures.