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Tube Systems"

SMB offers a wide variety of features to tailor any Pneumatic Tube System or Selective Vertical Conveyer to meet the needs of your company. Our systems are customizable for ease of use and for enhanced security. If you would like to inquire about any of these, or any unlisted features, Click Here.

  • Basket full sensor - The station can block users from sending carriers to a station if the receiving basket is not being emptied.
  • Carrier forwarding - The system can be set to forward carriers to an alternate station.
  • Carrier prioritization - Stations with urgent requirements can be given a higher priority to expedite carrier transmits.
  • Carrier tracking - The system can log transactions and provide statistics on system usage.
  • Chimes - System provide audible notification of carrier arrival. Can have multiple chimes per station to allow station sharing.
  • Lights - System provides visual notification of carrier arrival. Can be remote from the station. Can have multiple lights per station to allow station sharing.
  • Locks - Prevents unauthorized use of the station
  • Notifications - The system can provide email confirmation when a carrier is delivered to its destination. Notifications can also be enabled to send an e-mail alert upon a system error or alarm.
  • Remote chimes - A chime that can be installed in a location other then the location of the station.
  • RFID - allows automatic sends without the user needing to enter a transaction.
  • Secure Release - Security feature that allows sensitive cargo to be sent. Receiving station only releases the carrier after user swipes a unique "Smart Card".
  • Smart cards - Restricts system usage to permitted users only.
  • Station scheduling - A station can be scheduled 'off' when the department it serves is closed.