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Selective Vertical Conveyers

The Selective Vertical Conveyor is a continuously moving vertical conveyor for transporting totes of material in multi-floor buildings. Containers are automatically unloaded at the correct destination on the down going side. To send, the operator simply places the tote box on the loading station, enters the destination and presses the "Send" button.

SMB provides Selective Vertical Conveyors (SVC) for material handling applications in commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities.

Office building occupants can utilize the system for inter office mail delivery, receiving materials from a remote supply area, and delivery of reports from data processing center.

Health care applications include distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical reports, x-rays, and general supplies.

Multi-floor industrial buildings can use the SVC to distribute tools, parts and business reports. Other industries can also benefit from the material handling automation of a Selective Vertical Conveyor.

Recent projects - Revenue (Quebec), Hamilton Library, the World Bank

Controls Retrofit

SMB can retrofit any manufacturers (Lamson, Translogic, Matthews, Swisslog, ACCO, etc...) design. This would encompass both safety systems and destination selection systems with computer management. The advantages of retrofitting for Operators are empty box calling, remote signals, operating time schedules and quieter operation. Retrofitting improves systems reliability, allows remote monitoring, connection to building alarm, system reports, auto on/off, individual station shutoff, and online support direct to the system computer.


  • Pick-Up/Delivery Stations utilize only the highest quality material with all exposed components finished in stainless steel.
  • Tote boxes are durable and economic having a capacity of 60 lbs.
  • Quiet operation is assured with SMB SVC.
  • SMB offers the most advanced and reliable computer control system in the industry. This system can provide user management reporting and diagnostics through a hard copy printer and on-screen graphics. Totes can be tracked and system performance monitored on a real-time bases.


  • Uninterrupted material flow.
  • Reduced building congestion in corridors and elevators.
  • Improved material control and security.
  • Minimum downtime through use of modular components.
  • Maximum use of building space.
  • Better use of personnel through elimination of manual delivery functions.