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What is a Pneumatic Tube System?

You are already familiar with the technology-imagine a piece of lego that you have accidently sucked up with your vacuum. Until you turn off your vacuum, the lego flies through the hose until it gets inside the filter. Well picture a miniature elevator, powered by that same technology. An elevator without limitations that can go through walls, ceilings, floors even outside and underground! Such a machine does exist; the Pneumatic Tube System.

A Pneumatic Tube System (or PTS) is an automated delivery system. That means you can send small objects with ease, from one location to another. It involves special pipe, a container (or carrier), and a blower. Basically, a carrier is placed in a pipe and the blower is activated to propel the carrier through the pipe to its destination. Using carefully placed vents and valves to control airflow, it is possible to gently send almost anything across a far distance with great speed.

Over the years, many different styles of Pneumatic Tube Systems have been developed. Today, the most common PTS uses 4" or 6" cylindrical shaped pipe. 2 1/4", 3", 5" and 8" diameter cylindrical pipe, and 4"x7" oblong shaped pipe are uncommon but occasionally still used today. Regardless of the size or shape of the pipe or carrier, the concept remains constant.

How do I decide that a PTS is right for my company?

Are you finding that you are wasting man hours or other precious resources transporting documents or products across a distance, past security, up and down stairs or other time consuming "walks"? Money, paperwork, samples and keys are just a few items that can be sent with ease by any employee to any employee. Just explore our Applications page to understand how a PTS really does help revolutionize productivity in the workplace!

SMB can install a fully customizable PTS to suit your specific needs. There are a variety of features that can be installed to help you improve the efficiency of your business.

Types of PTS:


The point-to-point system is the standard product SMB would recommend to send and receive between two areas. Our most common point-to-point system is 4" in diameter. The standard blower will provide adequate enough suction to power a system of approximately 1000'. Modifications can be done to allow longer runs.


A semi-automatic system usually involves a focal point or central station such as a lab or cash office that would receive cargo from many different areas that would have no need to send to one another. For example, if samples are collected all over a factory and are all sent to the lab for analysis, there is no need for parts of the factory to need to send anything to anywhere except the lab.


Fully-automatic systems are used when every station in all areas of a building or complex require the ability to send and receive without limitations. All stations are capable of connecting with every other station on the system. It is important to note that every PTS is upgradable and can be expanded to suit the growth of the operation.