"Canadian Leaders in Pneumatic
Tube Systems"

The world's leading pneumatic tube system technology is available for Canadian hospitals through SMB Handling Systems. We have partnered with the world's pneumatic tube system market leader - Sumetzberger. Sumetzberger is an Austrian based supplier of the world's most innovative Pneumatic Tube System technology. SMB is proud to be the largest distributor of Sumetzberger products in Canada.

Coupled with SMB's 40 years of experience, Sumetzberger's technology provides a Pneumatic Tube System solution that is quite literally the fastest, most reliable and efficient system in the entire world!

Through precision research on innovation and risk mitigation, Sumetzberger has led the industry in developing features such as RFID-capability, the remarkable power transfer unit and its patented auto-unload station.

Improved Infection Control

Pass-through technology ensures air stays in the system: Minimize the movement of air from one room in a hospital to another room, thereby reducing the oppertunity for cross-contamination.

Auto-unload capability drastically reduces staff contact time with carriers: With Sumetzberger's patented Auto-unload station, lab technicians are no longer required to touch a carrier upon delivery. Through our intelligent carrier tracking system there are no buttons to push, no detailed directions to follow, the user simply puts the carrier in the station and away it goes. Once the samples have been automatically delivered to the lab, the carrier is automatically shipped back to its home station.

Enhanced Management and Security

Monitors and tracks carriers: Every carrier in the system has a unique RFID identifier and is monitored individually to ensure traceability.

Limits system access to carriers with RFID chips: The system will transport only carriers equipped with RFID chips. This feature ensures that only carriers, recognized by the system, will allow a transaction to be initiated. This also prevents foreign objects from entering the system.

Added security for restricted cargo: Confidential files, narcotics, blood and other sensitive matter can be protected with the SecureSend feature. Requires a pin code to be entered, or a smart card to be swiped before ejecting the carrier holding the cargo.

Superior Efficiencies and Performance

Simpler design: Our system requires substantially less tubing and therefore frees up space behind the walls and in the ceilings.

Higher throughput and efficiency: Because our systems use less tubing, the transport times are greatly reduced and critical materials are delivered on time.

Integrated power and data cable: Our systems do not require additional 120V outlets at each component device location.This will greatly reduce the hidden costs of an installation or upgrade. Other companies will require the customer to supply the electrical component to each station. This cost is not accounted for in the initial quote and can be very expensive to accomidate.

Fastest in the industry: Sumetzberger's patented Power Transfer System is a logistic breakthrough that eliminates the need for carriers to sit idle while in queue. It keeps every carrier moving in the most direct path. The result is a remarkably high efficient system.